Career Guidance

Career Guidance

We guide choosing the desired and appropriate career at any given stage of education. Before choosing a career, there needs a proper analysis of the suitability of that career to the candidate. This analysis has to be based on the following aspects:

  • The current educational qualification.

  • Awareness about the career.

  • Candidate’s aptitude towards the career.

  • Available courses in the respective field.

  • Syllabus, subjects and contents in the course.

  • Candidate’s aptitude and suitability to the syllabus.

  • Job prospects of each course.

  • List of colleges running these courses.

  • College ratings based on academics and/or placements assistance.

  • Financial implications.
Though the list seems to be far more extendable, such analysis and guidance can avoid the majority of the dropouts, discontinuing the course, low merits or switching career after the course, thus ultimately promising a successful future and dynamic career.

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